My art is working towards a comprehension to make sense of the world.

The idea of a self can change; growing up in two different cultures made me realize that. Reality can be constructed and so the current world. My work is also a way to understand realities other than my own.

I collect both from my conscious and subconscious experiences. Keeping a dream diary gives me access to subliminal content. In the process of 'understanding' the method is to observe, collect, dismantle, decipher and assemble again. Silhouettes and shadows are elements of my visual language.
My installations are based on media such as 2D & 3D computer animation, performance, drawings and sound.
Sculptural elements are components of the video installations.

Direct or subtle every work has a relevance of a current issue or time period in my life. At the core, it is the interest in the human psyche in the midst of political, social and economical systems which drives me to do art.