Selfportrait - 2015 - Black ink on whenzou paper

My art is working towards a comprehension to make sense of the world.

Harshly changing environments and circumstances are the evident gestures of our time which shape our living conditions and are difficult to understand as a coherent whole.

Growing up in two cultures very different from each other made me realize that the idea of a self can change, reality can be constructed and so the current world.
My work is a way to understand realities other than my own.
I feel myself into situations to make associations and to emphatize with a certain condition. Exploring what it would be like to be in a role, to be in a place, a time or circumstance, I gather information and project it onto myself.

I collect both from my conscious and subconscious experiences. Keeping a dream diary gives me access to subliminal content. In the process of “understanding” , the method is to observe, collect, dismantle, decipher and assemble again.

Silhouettes and shadows are elements of my visual language. I use tools such as computer animation, drawings, cut-outs on black paper. Animation pieces and sculptural elements are components of the video installations.

Direct or subtle every work has a relevance of a current issue or time period in my life. At the core, it is the interest in the human psyche, the stream of consciousness, observing social and personal boundaries - crossing, which drives me to do art.