Video installation: 3D computer animation, fabric mounted on frame with cotton strings, 190 x 200 cm
Duration: 3' Sound: Periklis Liakakis

The fact that the slightest change in the outside conditions is reflected in the way that the blood circulates through our body is a sign of its omnipotence and our absolute and precarious dependence on it.
What is it in society that functions as blood?
What are those exchanges without which we cannot live without?
Could it be that the economic relations that form the basis of our quotidian exchanges are the essential and fixed elements unwilling to give up and alter themselves?

Bengü Karaduman’s works deals with both of these concerns, taking up issues of the fragility of being knowledge laborers at the mercy of a heavy-handed system and while at the same time questioning and posing possibilities towards a modified system which incorporates technological reformations.
In relationship to one another, these two concerns spell out the most urgent issues of the day, especially in re-imagining a just and ethical labor system.
Text excerpt from ‘Closing The Loop’ by Zeynep Öz