Bell sculpture: Brass metal, 300 x 70 cm

The Sound of Shadow is an instrument – a manifestation of scribbling-notes  that emerged during the course of a therapy and turned into a sculpture. The pieces, each one with a distinctive tone, are made of brass and have fourteen different forms.
The sound composition that developed from the tones of this sculpture is a state of being on a path; a path that transforms from drawing (scribbling) to form, from form to sound, and at the end from sound to a composition of one’s own ‘voice’ as a process to converge towards becoming wholesome again.

If the expectation of the established order in the outside world is that we present 'integrated' façades that fit into a certain 'standard', the idea that needs to be broken by action is that our résumé (our reconstructed economic, social and political starting point) is something to be ashamed of, hidden and suppressed. Experiences are our own, and dealing with them is a path we can work on and get on.

At the starting point of The Sound of Shadow, I began an excavation of my own personal history, intent on redefining my existence in the world. I poured out the materials (photos, VHS tapes, diaries, dreambooks, bureaucratic papers, old hard drives, unopened parcels from various moves, mementos) from my birth until now and constructed a close relationship with them that spanned several months. During my introspective course, I immersed myself in the associative flow of thoughts, feelings, affections, and sharpened senses that my being has created up to now. Beyond just letting go of this flow, I deliberately triggered memories and traumas to intensify this experience, turning it into a self-conscious action.

Allowing the process to create itself was an important method. During the interpretation of the excavation, which started with concrete elements on an abstract plane, the psychoanalysis that I launched to process the elements that I could reach accompanied this time period. As the sessions progress, the scribbles and drawings on the papers in front of me form the basis of the Sound of Shadow work.
The resulting abstract forms are turned into a bell sculpture made of brass metal.
Framework on vimeo by SAHA Studio >> (in Turkish)