Video performance
Video: Full HD
Duration: 3’48’’

The video performance is an imaginative body oscillating between two entities (the spider and the human) and is based on the body, its movement and transformation.
It symbolizes being in one form and transforming into another as circumstances and the environmental factors change. It is an effort to search for a balance as a hybrid body.

The main idea of this work is the pursuit of transformation and the unavoidability of it.
We wander at the margins of nature which became a boutique site we visit; instead being a part of it. We are no longer a part of nature nor has the bond been completely severed.

Is the human closer to being an animal or rather an biological – half technological being enhanced by synthetic parts (protheses) and genetic interference?

İn the video performance we encounter a quest for a new identity, a new way of being which is forced by this  in-betweennes. The oscillation is not a metamorphosis made with ease; we look at an intentness which has not yet resulted.