2010 - DREAMSCAPE - Video installation: video, polyurethane sculptures, plexiglass - DV Pal - 2'11''

The exhibition "I'M HERE" focuses on the reality issue in three separate planes, each one represented by a room in the gallery space.
The first part linked to the current events around us is followed by the second part deriving from dreams and the third part that changes according to how we perceive reality.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the subconscious which is another form of thinking. A place to become aware of the realities which are extrinsic to us in order to process ans understand them. Dream as a tool for converting thoughts and feelings are shown in the installation consisting of polyurethane sculptures and video as a trilogy. The themes of the trilogy could be described as “award and punishment”, “to concentrate on oneself” and “searching for a place for oneself”.
I'll be sitting in your mirror
A small sculpture of the artist sits in front of a mirror, as in the video she moves form one chair to another, and repeats this action infinitely. The playing back of this action shows the search of self, via situating herself in different physical spaces. Recognizing the endlessness of this search in the video, she turns her attention to herself and confronts her being. The work describes the difficulty of defining our individual existence by outside reality and reminds that our reflection will always be waiting for us in the mirror. Self – dialogue is offered as a way to begin to find oneself.
An anonymous curator appears in the dream who wants to congratulate the artist for her achievements she realized until now and wishes to do this with a champagne bottle having a symbolic meaning. The curator shakes the bottle and points it towards the artist and the cork pops her in the face. In one sense the artist is celebrated and punished at the same time.
This dream as a personal reflection of a social matter deals with the interest for success, appreciation for realising oneself as an individual but also showing the shift of admiration into a negative connotation towards the individual. “Success”, becomes almost a guilt feeling of being able to realise oneself as an individual.
Where is my home?
In the third part of the exhbition the main them is to find a place for oneself. The artist is travelling in a spaceship searching for her home. But over the landscape she is travelling (shown in the video) the houses are permanently changing their forms which makes it impossible to identify and find her home. The vain of this search is based in permanent and rapid change. The journey in the space might be infinite but she travels in a closed form of a spaceship and creates herself a ground. Even if we define an area for ourselves it is almost impossible to belong to a place, in our given and ever changing circumstances.