Media installation: video & broken mirrors
Video: Full HD 3D & 2D computer animation
Duration: 5’17’’
Sound - voice: Bengü Karaduman

'Restless Landscape' is a line research, so that the two - dimensional drawings are imaginedin a new dimension, modelled and assambled in a 3D computer program. The installation consists of an animation containing four themes, which house elements distilled from the world that surrounds us. The installation is completed by broken mirrors found on the streets.
The first them, Wet Light, depicts the different forms of light with varying rhythms. The figure of a ship resembling a ghost, move in the Sea of Waves. In the center of the theme Fog Birds, a shaman or a woman of wisdom gets into motion with a wand in his//her hand to control them. The transience of time is the main focus of Metal Work.
Text by Öykü Özsoy