Media installation: video & plywood and vaseline on mirror
Video: HD 2D computer animation
Duration: 3’22’’

The video installation consists of two projection surfaces hanging on top of each other. On the top projection we see a ship construing the current political economic system which erodes our planet and its creatures, exhausts our natural resources and uses despair as a mass destruction weapon. The Ship carries the products and its production practices of this system.To gain more might, money and control, the world is running after petroleum which leaked in every little detail of our lives. Preservatives in industrialized foods, artificial fertilizers, cosmetics, textiles and every kind of plastic is based on petroleum. Even though this raw material is running out, the alternative resources are ignored and war is still carried on for it. The theme of the bottom projection is underwater where we see horses running and collapsing to death. The underwater theme bases on the real story of the phateon horses from the Princess Islands in Istanbul. The horses are working under bad conditions with little food and rest and as they die, they are thrown in the water.
“We are All in the Same Boat”, is a requiem for not being able to face the mechanisms sustaining the momentary political economic system.

Photo: Barış Özçetin